Label Ombres / Sébastien Cros





2009, Super8 color, 14mn

A film by Sebastien Cros for the music of David Moore’s Bing & Ruth.

MATA commissioned work, premiered at the 11th MATA festival, April 2009, New-York.

Starring artist Clover Vail.

Assisted by Brian Mc Lean and Tori Giardina.



2009, mini-dv, 11mn

Film made by Sebastien Cros & David Moore for Bing & Ruth

MATA commissioned work, premiered at the 11th MATA festival, April 2009, New-York.


EOLE (one)

2005, mini-dv, sonore, 7mn

Digital monocle, iron giant and the ocean breeze.
Cyclops and Notos gaze at each other, my pixels are made of wind.


2005, super 8 triple screen performance, 15mn
Directed by Sébastien Cros
Plastic interventions: Carole Arcega
Soundtrack: Sébastien Cros

Tabula Rasa is the second chapter of a three part project, where its central element, which follows Nocte, is a performance continuing the same plan: a double screen where images of a black and white reel unwind and a third beam where matter is invented for every projection. An imaginary journey throughout Europe tracing
cartography of the ruin, a melancholic voyage through time, a look at fingerprints and trace, absence, stone and dust. To experience the silver film as wall experiences the passing of men and time, in search of fracture, a breach where only it survives, among the ashes and the debris, a blind light wave travels a wasted land.
There is no bond that time does not erase.


2003, 16mm et super 8 b&w triple screen performance, 20mn |
Directed by SÈbastien Cros and Carole Arcega | plastic interventions†: SÈbastien Cros and Carole Arcega | live soundtrack†: Fabrice Heredia

Live plastic interventions , actions for several projectors, live sound.


2004, 16mm b&w, 10mn | directed and performed by Carole Arcega | photography: S
ébastien Cros | interpretation: Carole Arcega | original soundtrack : Sébastien Cros

Macula, or small yellow spot, is the most sensitive point of the retina to light. In this film, a photosensitive body reveals itself then  damages in the light. The skin emulsion sensitive to the world, goes through various states; it is pure light, liquid, mineral, vegetable…

2004, 16mm bw, 10mn | directed by Sébastien Cros et Fabrice
Heredia | performed by Carole Arcega | sound: Fabrice Heredia |
Original soundtrack : Guillaume Poyet

PALE INCESTE (cut the kids in half)
2004, super 8 b&w, 10mn |
Directed by Sébastien Cros | sound Y. Levasseur

D…MANGEAISON (Itchin’ & Scratchin’)

2000, super 8 colors, 4mn
Directed by Sébastien Cros
Sound: Pan Sonic (remix : Bus)



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