Label Ombres / Sébastien Cros


Cinematographer, photographer and sound designer, Sébastien Cros explore the cinematographic form of the performance using 16mm, Super 8 as well as video, turntable and several softwares.
It carries out several multi-screens films and actions for several projectors (Nocte, 2003 ; Tabula Rasa, 2005) which explore widened shapes of the cinema ( mixing of filmic textures, scrapings of the emulsion of film carried out on line, with electronic engineering of the treatment of sound, samples)
More than simple linear film show, he proposes to the spectators to discover a renewed perception of the image and sounds.
In 2004, Sébastien Cros along with his co-performer Carole Arcega, established the association Label Ombres, in order to continue this new cinematographic concept by creation, edotion and diffusion of such rare filmic moments.
The cinema is living art as well as plastic art. It is in this perspective that the association testify its existence and the support thus offered to the artists, however keeping on developping new orientations.


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