Label Ombres / Sébastien Cros



Bing and Ruth [website]
Music by composer/leader David Moore
Put Your Weight Into It [2007]*
City Lake/Tu Sei Uwe [2009]*
2009 MATA commission

Rails [2008]
Broad Channel [2005]
In This Ruined House [2008]
…and then it rained [2007]
Little Line in a Round Face [2009]
* with projected original film by Sebastian Cros

Bing & Ruth [website]
April 3

Formed among friends in 2006 by composer and pianist David Moore, Brooklyn band Bing and Ruth utilizes performers from both classical and improvised music circles to help guide and shape Moore’s deceptively simple songs. The ensemble has released two albums; a self-titled EP in 2006 and the full-length “Kentile Floors” in 2007. Aside from those intricately crafted recordings, the band savors its reputation as a unique live experience. With a large membership evoking the power of numbers, and their penchant for often performing in odd and out-of-the-way places, Bing and Ruth has spent its short life attempting to create distinctive experiences for any audience willing to turn over an hour of their attention. Past live concerts of note include gatherings in an abandoned meat locker, a chicken coop, a vacant apartment, a warehouse rooftop, and in 2006 a weekly residency at the historic 13th Street Repertory Black Box Theater in New York City. The band also enjoys a close relationship with freeform radio kingpins WFMU, for which it has performed live on air and at the WFMU festival in 2008; as well as with Wordless Music, performing on series concerts with Múm in 2007, and Max Richter in 2008. They are currently busy preparing a new album for release in the spring.

While a majority of the group resides in New York City, its official membership includes many friends currently scattered throughout the world. Tonight alongside David on piano you will be hearing Jeremy Viner (clarinet), who produces a really great concert series in his basement; Patrick Briener (clarinet), who loves using exclamation points in his emails; Jean Rohe (voice), who is really excited about the new landline telephone at her house; Becca Stevens (voice), who has a tough time returning David’s phone calls in a timely manner; Greg Heffernan (cello), who really loves cookies; Leigh Stuart (cello), who really really needs to move to Brooklyn; Jeff Ratner (bass) who can recite the movie “Home Alone” word for word; something that is, surprisingly, always funny; Chris Berry (percussion), who is in love with his new camera and doesn’t care if the whole world knows; Myk Freedman (lap steel), who is one of those people that still reads books; and Mike Effenberger (synthesizers) who David hasn’t seen for about a year and who he really hopes still has that amazing beard.

2009 MATA commission
Performed by Bing & Ruth, April 3
Bing & Ruth

With a background in both classical performance and experimental improvisation, 25-year-old composer and pianist David Moore has spent his young career exploring the dynamics of form and texture.  In 2006 he founded his own ensemble Bing and Ruth with which he has recorded two albums; 2006’s self-titled debut and 2007’s Kentile Floors.  In the short time since its inception, the group has made appearances at 2007 and 2008 Wordless Music Series concerts, the 2008 WFMU Festival, and has performed concerts at a mass of venues within New York’s thriving new-music community.  In addition to his writing for Bing and Ruth, David has two albums of compositions for solo piano under his own name and works tirelessly as a composer for film and installation.  He currently lives in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

Sébastien Cros
filmmaker collaborator, Bing & Ruth
April 3

Young French filmmaker and photographer Sébastien Cros began his experimentation with Super8 and 16mm film in 2003 at the Etna Lab in Paris. Soon after, in collaboration with artist Carole Arcega, Cros co-founded Label Ombres, an organization specializing in the screening and distribution of films by his Etna colleagues. In 2006 Cros shot and produced Camera Obscura Cycle, a series focused on integrating film and live performance that premiered at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. While completing work on Camera Obscura Cycle, Cros and Arcega shot “Macula,” an experimental multimedia work that premiered at the Cote Court Festival and is now in regular rotation at the Cinémathèque Française in Paris.

In the fall of 2006 Label Ombres coordinated the international release of Blacklight, a DVD featuring the films of Cros and his Etna collaborators. The release has since received featured screenings by film festivals in Holland, Germany, Bosnia, Serbia, Belgium and Canada. He has assisted shoots in England, China, Greece, the United States, and recently returned to Sarajevo, where he worked as Director of Photography for Mathieu Jouffre’s feature “Dub.” A much-respected foreigner in the thriving Balkan art-film community, Cros currently sits on the festival jury for the Film Academy in Belgrade where he returns yearly from his home in Brooklyn.

Cros began his work with American composer David Moore in 2008 when he was tapped to run live projections for Moore’s ensemble Bing and Ruth. The two are currently collaborating on a series of short films to accompany eight of his new works for the ensemble. Due to visa issues, Sebastian is currently looking for a nice American wife. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can find him in the back running the projectors. He’s the handsome guy with the cigarette permanently dangling out of his mouth.